March 2018 Expenses- How Much Does a Sprinter Van Cost?

By Matt Owen | April 18, 2018

March 2018 Expenditures Written by Alli March 2018 Expenditures- buying a van, PRK (Lasik) eye surgery, and other really expensive things. This month Alli is coming at you with our March expenditures! And let’s just say…we had a REALLY expensive month. We bought Clifford the big red van, I (Alli) had PRK (Lasik) eye surgery, … Read more

Handling Fear when Following an Unconventional Life

By Matt Owen | April 12, 2018

Handling Fear when Following an Unconventional Life Written by Matt I felt compelled to write this to just vocalize the current state of the feelings around the Owen household. As we near in to the last day of regular employment, we have had a ton of varying emotional experiences. We oscillate between excitement and fear. … Read more

Buying and Converting a Camper-Van

By Matt Owen | March 17, 2018

Converting a Dodge Sprinter into a Camper Van Written by Matt This weekend we bought a VAN!! Not just any van, but our new home on wheels for the next 6mo or more, who we have adoringly named Clifford. He is a 2006 Dodge Sprinter high top van with an extended bed. We opted for … Read more

February Expense Report – The $40k Challenge

By Matt Owen | March 7, 2018

February Expense Report – $40K Challenge Update Written by Matt February Budget – $4,865 of $40,000 challenge Starting off 2018 we decided to take a challenge to spend $40,000 this year. We are two months into the challenge and we are on track! I honestly expected some overages with the beginning of the year travel … Read more

Why We Quit Our $250k Per Year Jobs

By Allison Owen | February 26, 2018

Why We Quit our $250k per year Jobs   WE QUIT OUR JOBS!! – that was my Facebook status update just a few short weeks ago. All caps… multiple exclamation points… We were very excited to start the next chapter of our life. For those that don’t know us,  Allison and I both work as … Read more

January Expense Report and The $40k Challenge!

By Matt Owen | February 19, 2018

January Expenses and The $40k Challenge Written by Matt Starting off 2018 we decided to take a challenge to spend $40,000 this year. We talked about it a lot last year and it will mark a pretty significant reduction in our total spending (we spent about $65k last year). We have a lot in store … Read more

How to Save Money During the Holidays

By Matt Owen | December 20, 2017

How to Save Money this Holiday Season Happy Holidays from Owen Your Future! With Thanksgiving past, and Christmas quickly approaching, Alli and I wanted to wish you all merry holidays! We couldn’t consider ourselves much of financial bloggers if we didn’t offer you some ways to help save some money this holiday season! We are … Read more

Is College Right for You?

By Matt Owen | December 12, 2017

Is College Right for You? (Spreadsheet Included!) Written by Matt This article and video talks about: The Costs of American college The sunk cost of going to school and changing jobs Finding your passion prior to college The “Experience” of college Choose Yourself Education – Sales, business, coding etc. If you Listen to Dave Ramsey … Read more

Get your Honeymoon for Cheap

How to Get a Cheap Luxury Honeymoon

By Matt Owen | December 4, 2017

How to Get a Cheap Luxury Honeymoon Welcome to Owen Your Future! Me and Alli wanted to give you a little breakdown on a recent travel hacking experience where we significantly cut the cost of our Honeymoon down to ~30% of the average American honeymoon. We did all that while maintaining a super luxurious stay … Read more

Wedding Money Breakdown

By Matt Owen | November 16, 2017

Wedding Money Breakdown Written by Alli In May of this year (2017), we got married. It was simultaneously the best time of my life as well as the most vulnerable and scariest time of my life. I felt pressure from friends, Pinterest, and myself to create the “perfect” wedding event. Meanwhile, I didn’t know what … Read more

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